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How do I hear the movie?
Movie audio will be broadcast via an FM transmitter, accessible from your car radio. Atendees must have a working FM radio either in their car, or a portable alternative, in order to receive audio for the film.

Are there amenities available at the venue?
Toilet facilities are on site. Please queue in accordance with social distancing requirements.

Will there be alcohol at the event?
Alcohol, drugs and illegal substances are strictly prohibited.

What happens if I’m late?
Entry will not be permitted to patrons who arrive more than 5 minutes after the movie has commenced. This is for safety and traffic management issues and to ensure no disturbance is made to other patrons.

Will there be rubbish bins?
We ask that you please hold onto your rubbish and kindly dispose of it when you return home.

How close will the car next to me be?
Each parking space will be roughly 5m x 4m. Each car will be parked in an offset pattern allowing 1.5 meters either side of each car.

Will I have to sign in at the gate?
In line with the public health order, and to assist in any future contact tracing requirements, it is a condition of entry that one attendee per car checks-in using the QR code displayed upon arrival.


Are spaces allocated?
Parking at the venue will be allocated on a first come, first served basis based on vehicle size.

What is the speed limit at the venue?
There is a strict limit of 5km p/h within the venue. Please drive safely and responsibly.

Can I have my running lights or parking lights on during the film?
All lights on the exterior of your vehicle, and the engine, must be turned off once the film commences. We reserve the right to ask you to relocate your vehicle to the rear of the venue, or leave entirely if your lights cause a distraction to other patrons.

Can I bring a trailer and sit in it?
Nice try – No.

Can I sit in the boot of my hatchback car?

Can I sit in the tray of my ute?

Can I sit outside my car?


All tickets will be refundable up until 2 hours before the screening of the movie commences.
For ticketing or any other concerns
Please contact –
Got Ya Back Productions
0403745550 or 0422588134