Yup, this is happening!

14th – 17th of APRIL

A family-friendly musical comedy the follows the worlds most famous ogre, Shrek! Performed by local young performers all aged from 9-12yrs.


Performances on 14th & 16th of April

Amarlie Gregory, Amelie Obeid, Annabelle Hindes, Cayne Wilmen, Charlie Finnecy, Connor Kinsella, Eva Hammond, Henry Pollitt, Isabella White, Leila Castles, Liam Jones, Lily Rowlatt, Marielle Obeid, Namali Tomkins, Ruby Holmes, Ryley Hogan & Sophie Holmes.


Performances on 15th & 17th of April

Amara Crutcher, Anneque Moad, Charlee Maher, Colton Craig, Darcy Richards, Edie Porter, Grace Dahlenburg, Isabelle Moane, Isla Dalton, Jessi Collins, Layla Ronalds, Lillie Merrell, Maddie Bates, Marley Thick, Paige Goldie, Phanu Pritchard, Pip Eakin, Poppi Maltman, Samantha Carr & Tahnee Dimon.

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